Every week we go "under the bridge" to bring hope and encouragement to the lost.

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What We Do

Food, Clothing, Christian Fellowship... and lots of prayer.

We serve a hot meal

Our friends say this is the highlight of their week. This is not food like the powdered potatoes you get at the shelters. This food is cooked and prepared with love. This is a meal as a family.

We bring clothing and supplies

We take your donated clothing and camping supplies and give them directly to the homeless. Blankets, tents, tarps, candles, jackets, shoes and boots are always welcome.

We extend Christian Fellowship

Our friendship stands in stark contrast to the reality of homeless life. We are warm, friendly and inviting. We are stable, sober and mindful of spiritual things. We freely give our time without any expectations in return.

We Pray

We need your prayers, we pray often for our homeless friends and volunteers. If you have the gift of prayer, please let us know.

We help sponsor a Bible Study

Every week we bring homeless and volunteers to a Bible Study at a local coffee shop. We study God's word in a safe environment with other people who are experiencing homelessness.

We equip volunteers

One of the best things about Project 6:8 is that God ministers to our volunteers. We are truly growing, learning and depending on Him. This ministry will deepen your Faith. No experience required.

Mission and Vision

The mission of Project 6:8 is to provide food, clothing, love and the hope of Christ to those living on the streets of Minneapolis. We are a grass roots organization driven by volunteers whom provide the food, drinks and supplies needed on a weekly basis. We believe in 100% financial transparency and have very little overhead costs, allowing cash donations to go directly to help meet the physical needs of those we serve. Project 6:8 values relationships and strives to make personal, ongoing connections with our participants. Everyone has a story, and while we do not have resources to meet all their needs (such as housing, employment, medical care, etc), we are available to listen to their story without agenda or expectation.


Project 6:8 started nine years ago with a group of six people willing to take a step of faith to serve the poor. Their first night they drove around in a van looking to pass out a hot meal to anyone who needed one and they ended up 'under the bridge'. They went back the next week, and the next, and every week since. Five years ago Project 6:8 merged with In Love, Word and Deed and this partnership allowed us to expand the family of participants and volunteers to include larger outings at the Harbor Lights Shelter and more recently at First Baptist Church. Recently, Project 6:8 split off officially from ILWD and has become its own 501-C3 non-profit corporation. This designation allows Project 6:8 to issue receipts for donated items.

Our Volunteers

We are our volunteers. Project 6:8 cannot function without volunteers. Our volunteers are associated with many churches all over the metro area. Each of us has a heart or a story about why we have chosen to serve the poor. Our volunteers are committed to serving weekly and monthly. Together we serve meals, collect donations, have fellowship and pray. Each of us has a unique gift, we strive to use them all.

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6:8

Picture Wall

Every meal comes with fellowship and prayer


We take time to hear the stories of our friends.


We are many volunteers


We work hard to eat a meal as a family

The Gospel

At the center of it all is Christ. He walks with each of us who profess His name

The Bridge

We meet our friends on their turf, under a bridge, in a plot of grass in an overlooked empty lot


Our volunteers are committed to weekly caring for the needs of our friends

What The Bible Says

God says we should care for the poor, we can prove it.

Do you have a heart for the poor? Contact us!


Minneapolis, MN